Fortnite: Battle Royale – Chapter 2, Season 4 Wolverine Challenges Guide

Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale has arrived, and this season’s secret outfit is none other than Wolverine himself! Being the third crossover-based secret outfit, Wolverine is based off the iconic X-Men character, and will sure satisfy some Marvel fans alike, with his unique emote, fun cosmetics and gritty edit styles! Now, you may want to unlock this Wolverine character as soon as possible. If so, you came to the right place! In this guide, we go over the Wolverine challenges for Chapter 2, Season 4.

Week 1

Investigate 3 Mysterious Claw Marks

Wolverine’s challenges begin with investigating 3 mysterious claw marks, located in Weeping Woods. They’re pretty small claw marks, but you’ll notice them alright. They’re located near the open camp area, so land there and watch the video for more information.

Week 2

Find The Loading Screen Picture At A Quinjet Patrol Site

The next challenge has you land at the new Quinjet sites located around the map. Inside one of these pompous planes lies the Adamantium Slash loading screen, perhaps depicting an in-flight Wolverine film. Find it to complete the challenge.

Week 3

Find Wolverine’s Trophy In Dirty Docks

The next challenge has you land at the old Dirty Docks, which has barely been touched since it’s introduction in Chapter 2, Season 1. Anyway, in one of the southern buildings, you’ll find a Sentinel head, otherwise known as Wolverine’s trophy. It seems like Wolverine wasn’t too nice to these things, and has taken one of their heads as a reward.

Secret Edit Style Challenge

This next challenge isn’t listed on any challenge list, and the game tells you it’s a secret objective. Clearly, it isn’t secret anymore, but you can earn an edit style for the Wolverine’s Trophy back bling completing this challenge.

Week 4

Launch Off All Sentinel Hands Without Touching The Ground

This next challenge seems a little hard, but it’s actually fairly easy. The Sentinel Graveyard landmark, a place Wolverine clearly likes hanging out at, has broken Sentinel robots falling and begging for mercy. Their hands also give anyone who jumps on them a minor boost, so your goal is to bounce from one hand to the next without touching the ground. Redeploy your glider if you aren’t automatically placed on a hand.

Week 5

Locate A Trask Transport Truck

Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man, has summoned locations from the Marvel universe, like a piece of Wakanda, the Collector’s collection and Tony Stark’s lab, as well as Upstate New York! Well, one of the locations he brought was a highway complete with a Trask Transport truck near Doom’s Domain. It seems like Wolverine was contained there and has since escaped, so you better drop there.

Week 6

Defeat Wolverine

This here may one of the hardest Fortnite challenges of them all. You must defeat the new Wolverine boss added to Fortnite. He’s randomly located in Weeping Woods, and since so many people drop there now, it’s hard to get a hold of the mutant. He even regenerates himself like the comic character! A strategy is to land on the Lazy Lake island, take a Choppa and traverse across Weeping. If you hear footsteps with visual sound on, it’s Wolverines, because his footsteps are more visible than anyone else’s. Eliminating him grants you the Wolverine outfit.

Deal 100 Damage With Wolverine’s Claws

After defeating the Wolverine boss, you are granted his magnificent claws, and you must deal 100 damage to enemies with them. They’re pretty easy to use and are quite powerful, so be sure no one gets in your way.

Regain Health As Wolverine

After unlocking the Wolverine outfit, you will have to heal up using the Wolverine outfit. You can use Chug Jugs, the slurp at Slurpy Swamp, Medkits and Bandages.

Wolverine Awakening

Emote As Wolverine

After completing all 8 Wolverine challenges, your goal is to use the newly-unlocked SNIKT! emote to use the mutant’s razor-sharp claws. And there you go! No need to do it in a specific location or setting, just simply enter a match and emote. You’ve awakened Wolverine!

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