Minecraft – The Best Desktop Wallpapers To Use

Minecraft has taken the world by storm, and has grown quite a lot throughout the past decade. Minecraft has a very attractive style, and they work well as desktop/laptop wallpapers. In this guide, we show off our collection of desktop wallpapers based off Minecraft.

Desktop Wallpapers

I made each wallpaper 1080 x 607 pixels, which is popular with most laptops and computers. If it’s too small or big, you can zoom in or out and screencap that.

Aquatic Update

The aquatic update was one of the biggest updates in Minecraft’s recent years, and brought over more marine life, tridents and sunken ships! The wallpaper itself is pretty beautiful, depicting Steve and Alex swimming through the trenches of the ocean holding tridents and swords.

Nintendo Switch Box Art (Day)

This wallpaper was used for the physical Nintendo Switch version of the game, and some digital versions on all platforms. It depicts Steve, Alex and other friendly mobs on the zenith of a mountain, as some of the hostile mobs come out to reach the characters.

Nintendo Switch Box Art (Dusk)

This is an alternative dusk version of the Nintendo Switch box art. Nothing has changed other than the sky and day, but this is just an alternative wallpaper in case you’re tired of the overly sunny one the regular version uses.

Story Mode (Season 1) Box Art

Minecraft: Story Mode, while a separate game, is technically part of the Minecraft franchise, and was a TellTale game involving a traditional Minecraft story and characters. The Season 1 box art depicts Jesse, Axel, Petra, Olivia, Axel and the pig Reuben running away from the Wither Storm, which is consuming everything in sight.

Story Mode (Season 2) Box Art

2 years after Season 1 released, TellTale created Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. The box art used depicts characters new and old donning new clothes and wielding iconic weapons, heroically posing.

Xbox Box Art

This wallpaper was used for the physical Xbox One version of the game, which is the one I own. It depicts Steve walking through a particularly blocky world, joined by mobs both hostile and friendly.

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