Fortnite: Battle Royale – Where To Find Characters

Fortnite’s fifteenth season launched recently, and it’s theme seems to be all over the place, ranging from bounty hunters to time travel to historical figures, but one of the newest and most innovative additions this season was the introduction of characters. The characters are similar to the bosses, henchmen and other AI from previous seasons, but have some interesting elements to them that make them stand out. In this guide, we go over where to find characters and what to do with them.

What Characters Do

42 characters can be found all over the Fortnite island, and offer you unique objectives. After finding one, you have a few options which involve gold, such as recruiting them to follow you around or asking for nearby bounties in reward for more gold. Talking to them will put them in your collection, where you have to collect 42 characters before the season ends.

Video Links

If you have trouble finding a character’s location, these video links can help you! Once I find more characters, I’ll update the post.

Bandolier Location

Beef Boss Location (1/2)

Beef Boss Location (2/2)

Big Chuggus Location (1/2)

Big Chuggus Location (2/2)

Bigfoot Location

Blaze Location (1/2)

Blaze Location (2/2)

Brutus Location

Bullseye Location

Bunker Jonesy Location (1/2)

Bunker Jonesy Location (2/2)

Burnout Location (1/3)

Burnout Location (2/3)

Burnout Location (3/3)

Bushranger Location (1/3)

Bushranger Location (2/3)

Bushranger Location (3/3)

Cole Location (1/2)

Cole Location (2/2)

Deadfire Location

Doggo Location (1/2)

Doggo Location (2/2)

Dummy Location (1/2)

Dummy Location (2/2)

Farmer Steel Location

Fishstick Location (1/2)

Fishstick Location (2/2)

Grimbles Location

Kit Location

Kondor Location

Kyle Location (1/2)

Kyle Location (2/2)

Lexa Location

Longshot Location

Mancake Location

Mave Location

Menace Location

Outcast Location (1/2)

Outcast Location (2/2)

Ragnarok Location

Rapscallion Location (1/2)

Rapscallion Location (2/2)

Remedy Location (1/2)

Remedy Location (2/2)

Reese Location

Sleuth Location (1/2)

Sleuth Location (2/2)

Sparkplug Location (1/3)

Sparkplug Location (2/3)

Sparkplug Location (3/3)

Splode Location

Snowmando Location

Sunflower Location

The Reaper Location

Tomatohead Location (1/2)

Tomatohead Location (2/2)

Triggerfish Location

Turk Location (1/3)

Turk Location (2/3)

Turk Location (3/3)

You may have noticed the lack of the Mandalorian, Ruckus and Predator. The way you get Mando is quite interesting, as his NPC is located by the Razor Crest crash site in the desert, and in order to add him to your collection, you have to eliminate him. For Ruckus and Predator, you only have to be near them, as they can be found in Hydro 16 and Stealthy Stronghold, respectively.

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