Minecraft Earth Is Shutting Development Down After June 2021

In a shocking news report, Mojang has announced the shutdown of Minecraft Earth. The game, announced on Minecraft’s 10th anniversary in May 2019, mixes Minecraft with augmented reality, perhaps as a competitor to Pokemon GO, a mobile game where you could catch Pokemon in real life. It will be receiving one final update though, but the title will lose support after June 2021.

Their latest update has some small changes, including the removal of microtransactions. You can read them here:

  • Removing real-money transactions
  • Drastically reducing ruby costs
  • Including all completed, unreleased content currently in our pipeline
  • Reducing time requirements for crafting and smelting
  • Replacing unused crafting & smelting boosts with radius boosts of the same level
  • Granting a set of Character Creator items to players who sign in between January 5 and June 30 

June 30 is the final day to play or download Minecraft Earth, so one question remains: What will happen if I spent so much money on the game? Well, you will be refunded with Minecoin, the official Minecraft currency which you can use in the Minecraft marketplace in the standard game versions. So enjoy Minecraft Earth before it’s final moments this summer.

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