Fortnite: Battle Royale – Neymar Jr. Quests Guide And Crossover Details

After a long 7 weeks, the secret outfit for Chapter 2, Season 6, Neymar Jr., was officially revealed, and with his upcoming arrival comes new challenges and quests to tackle. Like the Deadpool, Aquaman, Wolverine and Predator outfits from seasons before, these quests and challenges earn us exclusive cosmetics and rewards. In this guide, we go over all the Neymar Jr. challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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Neymar Jr. Quests

Talk To An Island Soccer Player (1)

There are some new football-based NPCs around the Island, and all you have to do is start a conversation and unlock the Soccer Ball toy and Neymar Jr. banner.

Complete 3 Quests From Island Soccer Players (3)

I believe for this challenge, all you need to do is go up to any football-based NPC on the Island and accept and complete 3 quests from them. If you do that, you will get the Matador loading screen.

Complete 5 Quests From Island Soccer Players (5)

Again, for this challenge, you just need to go up and complete 3 quests from football NPCs on the Island, which will earn you the Neymar Jr. outfit.

Drop Kick The Soccer Ball Toy 500 Meters As Neymar Jr. (500)

Before starting the quest, you must have completed the “Talk To An Island Soccer Player” quest, which granted you the Soccer Ball toy, and the “Complete 5 Quests From Island Soccer Players”, which unlocked the Neymar Jr. outfit. Now, drop in as Neymar and kick the toy for 500 meters to unlock the Joia Trophy back bling. To check have far you’ve gone, you can use a waypoint.

Score A Goal With The Soccer Ball Toy As Neymar Jr. (1)

Again, for this quest, you need to have the Soccer Ball and Neymar Jr. cosmetics, and all you need to do is kick the ball into a soccer goal. One can be found in Pleasant Park, and completing the challenge rewards you with the Jaguar Strike harvesting tool.

Eliminate 3 Opponents As Neymar Jr. (3)

This quest can easily be done in Team Rumble, and will unlock the “Shhh” built-in emote, which turns the iconic football athlete into a primal force.

Exhibition Quests

By completing Epic quests in Chapter 2, Season 6, (Which you can keep track of in our handy weekly challenge guides) you can unlock the I’m Ready! spray, the Stealth Shot emoticon, the Hang Loose Celebration emote, the Aerial Acrobat glider and the Exhibition styles for the outfit, harvesting tool and glider.

All Fortnite Neymar Jr Versions


In Creative mode, you can check out the new Hub, which features a football goal and you can queue into the Go Crazy Arena gamemode, which celebrates Neymar’s arrival.

Neymar Jr. Cup

There’s also the Neymar Jr. Cup, a Solo tournament which will reward top-placing players with a custom-designed soccer boot and the Spinner Takes All emoticon. This tournament will commence on Wednesday, April 28.

The Neymar Jr Cup for Fortnite

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