Apex Legends – Every Season In The Game!

Apex Legends, like many other online games, has seasons. These seasons take place over the course of a quarter of a month and bring in new changes to the game, as well as a Battle Pass full of 100 tiers worth of cosmetics. Each season is themed, with past seasons being focused on prehistory, electricity and treasure-hunting. agencies. Every season also brings in a new legend and a remixed version of an Arena, or an entirely new Arena altogether. In this guide, we go over all 9 seasons of Apex Legends.

Season 1: Wild Frontier

Season 1 began on March 17, 2019 and was themed around prehistory. The newest legend was Octane, a high-speed adrenaline daredevil who used launch pads to traverse around the map. Kings’ Canyon was slightly changed, but overall, many people consider Season 1 the worst season because of how bland it was. The Battle Pass was not much better, either, as all 4 legend skins had the same drab color scheme, and there really was nothing to grind for. A few months after Season 1’s launch, June 2019, we got the Legendary Hunt event, which improved the cosmetic game just a little bit.

Season 2: Battle Charge

Season 2 began on July 2, 2019 and was themed around electricity. The newest legend was Wattson, an electrician themed all around power. Kings’ Canyon became devastated thanks to Crypto’s EMP that we saw in the Season 2 cinematic. This brought dragons, leviathans and other creatures onto the island, allowing for a completely new twist on the usual formula. The Battle Pass was also an improvement from Season 1’s, with new skins like the Jade Tiger Octane and the Prince Of Darkness Caustic. In August and September 2019, we got the Iron Crown collection and Voidwalker events, respectively.

Season 3: Meltdown

Season 3 began on October 1, 2019 and was themed all around the collision of fire and ice. The newest legend was Crypto, an elite hacker framed for criminal espionage. Instead of a new change to Kings’ Canyon, we got a new map entirely: World’s Edge, a wasteland of fire and ice, probably because winter was coming around that time. The Battle Pass brought over icy and molten skins to fit the theme of World’s Edge, like the Iced Out Pathfinder or From The Ashes Lifeline. We got a lot of events during this time, like the Fright or Fight 2019 collection event in October 2019, the Holo-Day Bash 2019 collection event in December 2019 and the Grand Soiree arcade event in January 2020.

Season 4: Assimilation

Season 4 began on February 3, 2020, right around Apex’s 1st anniversary. The season was themed all around simulacrums and evil technology, which made sense with the newest legend, Revenant, a robot assassin. World’s Edge became ravaged, as the ice started melting away thanks to the new Planet Harvester location. The Battle Pass was also very unique and spooky, as we got skins like the Cyberpunked Wattson. We had two events during this time, the System Override collection event in March 2020 and the Old Ways event in April 2020.

Season 5: Fortune’s Favor

Season 5 began on May 12, 2020, themed all around treasure and adventure. The latest legend was Loba, a high-society thief who was orphaned thanks to Revenant’s murders. We returned to an unearthed King’s Canyon, which had many locations destroyed, like the beloved Skull Town. The Battle Pass was also very unique, with all the skins themed around desert survival. The only event the season gave us was the Lost Treasures collection event, which gave some justice to legends without a skin themed with this season. This season was also the first to introduce quests, which keep players updated on the season’s narrative every week, much like in Fortnite.

Season 6: Boosted

Season 6 began on August 18, 2020, themed all around engineering and modifications. The latest legend was Rampart, an engineer who could set up ramparts and turrets in-game. World’s Edge became fortified, with new locations like the Launch Site being added. The Battle Pass had an urban/neo-city vibe to it, which is especially apparent with all the black, white and neon yellow going around. The season also changed the quest system, having readable comics instead of text interactions as the main form of storytelling. The only events we had this season was the Aftermarket collection event and the Fright or Fight 2020 themed event, which heavily changed the formula of the old Fright or Fight 2019 event.

Season 7: Ascension

Season 7 began on November 4, 2020, themed all around astrophysics and the study of physics. The latest legend was the time-travelling Horizon, who could manipulate gravity and summon black holes. This season, we got another new map: Olympus, a floating, futuristic utopia. The buildings were rich and refined, much like the Battle Pass skins that were available. The only two events we had in Season 7 were the Holo-Day Bash 2020 themed event and the Fight Night collection event. Another addition was the Trident, Apex’s first in-game vehicle that could carry an entire squad!

Season 8: Mayhem

Season 8 began on February 2, 2021, themed all around explosives and anything that goes boom. The latest legend was Fuse, a hardened explosives expert equipped with bombs and other weapons. Kings’ Canyon became obliterated, as the entire map was heavily shaken up. The only event Season 8 boasted so far was the Apex Anniversary 2021 event, which celebrated 2 years of the Battle Royale.

Season 9: Legacy

Season 9, otherwise known as Legacy, began on May 4, 2021, themed all around flight and Titanfall. The latest legend was Valkyrie, daughter of Viper, an enemy from Titanfall 2. This season also introduced Arenas, a 3v3 mode hosted by Ash, another Titanfall character. Olympus was heavily changed, which allowed infectious roots to grow all over the place. The Battle Pass focused on Japanese aesthetics and culture.

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