How Do You Use The Ping Marker In Apex Legends?

The ping feature in Apex Legends allows for players to mark, ping and communicate all without a microphone – and it’s a really innovative addition, which is especially helpful given Apex’s team-based nature. And since Apex requires you to be a good sport with your fellow legends, it’s important to learn how the ping system works in-game so you can easily work together to achieve victory.

What Can You Ping?

There are 5 things you can ping in Apex Legeneds:

  • Locations (Where you want to drop, go, etc.)
  • Weapons And Ammo (Announcing what items are available, what you call dibs on, etc.)
  • Favors (You can ask for medkits, shield batteries, etc.)
  • Enemies (Enemy locations, etc.)
  • Intel (Extra information that can be tactically useful)

How Can You Ping?

You can ping by pressing the right button (R1) on controller or the mouse wheel if you’re playing on PC. To bring up the ping wheel, right click on PC.

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