Fortnite: Battle Royale – Short Nite 2 Showings And Guide

It’s been half a year since the last Short Nite event in Party Royale, and it seems like Epic is coming back with Short Nite 2, complete with new shorts, new cosmetics and more! Same song and dance as Short Nite 1: Academy-Award-Winning animated shorts in the aesthetic of a film festival. This event will, as usual, take place in Party Royale at the Big Screen (Located by the east of the island) on Friday, July 23. Shorts will run non-stop until July 25.

While we don’t have a full list of all the shorts yet, we have some important details:

  1. The new Gildedguy outfit (Based on the animator of the same name), Slush Fighter Cape back bling and Stellapen Smashpack harvesting tool will be available in the Item Shop the day before Short Nite 2, on July 22. His inclusion may seem random at first, but it is to coincide with a new short that will premiere during Short Nite 2: Gildedguy Gets Up!.
  2. You can watch the shorts in any language you like, complete with subtitles.
  3. Recording is not allowed, just like in a real film festival. We don’t know the consequence of uploading footage onto YouTube or Vimeo, but it will most likely end in a fine of some sort, which is why we won’t upload anything related to the event.

You can see the reveal trailer down below:

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