Fortnite: Battle Royale – Operation: Skyfire Live Event Guide

Operation: Skyfire is the official name for the live event to cap off Fortnite Season 7, which should take us to the skies to bomb the Mothership. This event will be on September 12, at 4 PM ET and will focus on the climax of the conflict between IO and the Last Reality, which should lead into Season 8.


There are no official updates or delays as of September 3.

The Story

After Raz’s abuse of the Spire’s power attracted the attention of the Last Reality, an alien race, Doctor Slone has arrived on the Island to gather operatives (Including us, the player) to spy on the aliens, mindwipe citizens and investigate suspicious activity. While the IO have been doing this, the Last Reality have been abducting POIs and scanning Loopers’ memories, which forced Slone to build a bomb to destroy the Mothership with.

Time, Date And Location

The event will be on September 12, at 4 PM ET. Time zones are listed below.

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