What Will The Theme Of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 Be?

Chapter 2, Season 7 is nearing it’s final moments, and with the Operation: Sky Fire live event mere days away, the community’s hype for Season 8 is growing steadily. Like with Season 5, 6, and 7, a lot of information is under wraps, so a lot of the speculation here consists of rumors and leaks, leaving a lot of room for theorizing. Will the Foundation return in any way to enact revenge on IO? Will we see massive pyramids and ancient heroes or will we see the return of an old friend from Chapter 1? All of this and more are answered in this guide.

Season 8 Release

Season 8 is slated for release on September 13, 2021, ending Season 7 with the Sky Fire event. The event should bring us into downtime for at least 12 hours like what happened with Season 5, which means the update won’t go live until the morning of September 13.


Egyptian Theme?

Leaks from various leakers in the community (Including @HYPEX) have stated that pyramids and cactus consumables will be making their way to the game in Season 8. An Egyptian theme for next season will be a complete shift in tone from the science fiction nature of Season 7, but it seems entirely possible.

Spooky/Darkness Season? The Cube?

Recently, an unknown insider has been revealing things about the game: Things like Ariana Grande coming to the game for a crossover, or the Suicide Squad coming over with the Bloodsport outfit. A new leak claims that the Cube will return, along with the Sideways, a new feature that will reportedly be a parallel dimension, kind of like the Upside Down from Netflix’s Stranger Things. An older loading screen from 3 years ago suggests that the Upside Down is the reflection shown on the right side of the screen, the one with Dark Bomber. This could tie into a spooky season, especially with all of the “First Shadows” stuff the Fortnite Crew is doing.

Fortnite: What the Week 10 Loading Screen Looks Like (Season 5)
Chapter 1 Connections?

At first, people theorized that the Chapter 1 and 2 seasons had some sort of connection between them. C1S1 and C2S1 were plain and simple, being about a fresh start. C1S2 and C2S2 were rather different, but C1S3 and C2S3 had space-themed elements in them. C1S4 and C2S4 is where the theory goes into overdrive, as both seasons involved superheroes and a genius coming from another world to build a device (The Visitor and Tony Stark). C1S5 and C2S5 both focused on deserts and worlds colliding, and C1S6/C2S6 had some minor similarities. Both had wolves, castle-like structures, corrupted people and a landmark where the Zero Point was. C2S7 is where the theory dies out, as the two seasons have little similarities. Both have a massive group of people (A.I.M soldiers and aliens) arriving onto the Island and feature a crossover with a pop music sensation (Marshmello and Ariana Grande) but other than that, there’s not much both Season 7s had in common. Hopefully Chapter 2, Season 8 revives the theory, and features some elements from Chapter 1, Season 8, like pirates, ancient civilizations and walking bananas.

Secret Outfit

Every season since Chapter 2, Season 2 (Season 12) has seen a collaboration outfit taking the role of the secret outfit. Season 12 had Deadpool, 13 had Aquaman, 14 had Wolverine, 15 had Predator, 16 had Neymar Jr. and 17 had Clark Kent/Superman. We’re not entirely sure who the secret outfit for Season 18 is, but seeing how we have rumors that Naruto’s coming to the game, we could see him be available as the bonus character.

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