What You Need To Do Before Fortnite Season 8

We have only a few more days left until the launch of Fortnite’s eighth season, which means that there is some finishing up to be done before we head into the next season – whether is be related to cosmetics, XP, V-Bucks or the game itself. Most of these special items/locations/cosmetics will be gone by the time Season 8 launches. In this guide, we go over all you need to do before Season 8 arrives.

  • Finish Up Your Battle Pass – Your Battle Pass level will be reset next season, so finish up the Battle Pass to unlock the Rick Sanchez outfit and use any other Battle Stars for bonus rewards and enlightened of the Battle Pass outfits. Try to also unlock the Kymera styles by collecting Alien Artifacts, complete the Superman quests to unlock Clark Kent and the Epic quests to unlock Clark’s cosmetics and styles.
  • Secure Your V-Bucks – Next season’s Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks, and around 2,500 for the Battle Bundle, so be sure to have enough V-Bucks at hand when Season 8 launches.
  • Spend All Your Bars – Your bars will be reset next season, so it’s probably a good idea to spend them all before the season begins. Plus, a new Legendary quest was added which had Human Bill offer you to spend a bunch of gold in exchange for XP, so there’s really no excuse. Bars can be used to purchase exotic weapons and hire characters.
  • Talk To Every Character – Characters can be found all over the map, and there’s a big collection book where you can find information on each one. Their descriptions are only readable if you talk to them and if you talk to every one, you get an achievement!
  • Try Out New Weapons/Items – Season 7 introduced new IO tech like the Pulse Rifle and Rail Gun, as well as Alien weapons like the Kymera Ray Gun and Alien Nanites.
  • Win And Unlock The Seasonal Umbrella – This season’s seasonal victory umbrella is the Invasion Umbrella, which you unlock from winning in Solos, Duos, Squads or LTMs like Tilted Taxis, Solid Gold, Arsenal, etc. (Not Team Rumble)

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