Fortnite: Battle Royale – New Brew Questline Guide

Chapter 2, Season 8 of Fortnite introduced questlines into Battle Royale, a feature that was in Save The World ever since its release. One of the questlines, New Brew, is all about Baba Yaga, the mysterious witch from Chapter 2, Season 4. You can begin the questline by talking to Baba Yaga in Shanty Town.

Cheat Sheet

The Quests

Mark A Medkit, A Bandage And A Small Shield Potion (3)

Accept Dialogue: Young one, help me improve my healing potions. How do you heal?

Guide: These items are commonly found in chests and supply drops, and to complete the first quest, you need to mark them.

Complete Dialogue: Odd… none of these have any teeth in them. Ha!

Reward: 12,000 XP and 20 Bars

Use Any Of The Services Of A Mending Machine (1)

Accept Dialogue: Perhaps I have something to learn about the mass market.

Guide: Mending machines were added last season and appear around gas stations and other industrial/residential areas. They give you ammo and healing items, so purchasing any of their items completes the quest for you.

Complete Dialogue: Ha! That cute little goat box is on to something!

Reward: 14,000 XP and 25 Bars

Consume Foraged Items (3)

Accept Dialogue: The natural world will provide a solution. Test them for me!

Guide: Foraged items essentially means food, and stuff like apples and mushrooms can be found in areas like Weeping Woods or the Orchard.

Complete Dialogue: A dash of that… a pinch of this… Still missing something.

Reward: 16,000 XP and 30 Bars

Restore Health With A Fish (1)

Accept Dialogue: I think this brew needs some healing umami notes.

Guide: Fish is obtained via fishing, and most fish give you health or shield if consumed. So maybe tick some health off and eat a couple floppers, and that should do the trick.

Complete Dialogue: Ha! Lovely! Yet it still needs more gusto?

Reward: 18,000 XP and 40 Bars

Use A Bandage Or A Medkit In The Sideways (1)

Accept Dialogue: Ah! I know where my tonic’s final ingredient lies. The Sideways!

Guide: Sideways zones spawn randomly every match, but are marked on the map. There lie the Cube monsters, which are very hostile. This means that you can easily patch yourself up inside the Sideways.

Complete Dialogue: Yes! My brew is complete. Baba Yaga, you’ve done it again! Ha!

Reward: 20,000 XP and 70 Bars

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