Fortnite: Battle Royale – Surf Turf Questline Guide

Chapter 2, Season 8 of Fortnite introduced questlines into Battle Royale, a feature that was in Save The World ever since its release. One of the questlines, Surf Turf, is all about Scuba Jonesy, a Snapshot of Agent Jones introduced in Chapter 2, Season 3. You can begin the questline by talking to Scuba Jonesy in the shores right above Coral Cove.

Cheat Sheet

The Quests

Swim At Both Lake Canoe And Lazy Lake (2)

Accept Dialogue: It’s surf ‘n turf time, baby! Let’s scope out the local fishing scene.

Guide: Lake Canoe is the big pond right above Lazy Lake, and to swim by Lazy Lake, you have to swim in the river to the left of it.

Complete Dialogue: Thanks for the added pair of eyes.

Reward: 12,000 XP and 20 Bars

Submerge A Driven Vehicle Into A Large Body Of Water (1)

Accept Dialogue: We’ll catch more with a lure… Like a new coral bed for the fishies.

Guide: Large bodies of water usually consists of oceans, so I recommend going over to Flushed Factory and driving a truck off the rails and submerege the vehicle.

Complete Dialogue: That’ll make for some happy fish. Now let’s catch some!

Reward: 14,000 XP and 25 Bars

Throw A Fish Back In The Water (1)

Accept Dialogue: Let the little ones go …so we can eat them later!

Guide: This one should be easy. Just catch a fish with a fishing rod, then toss it back in the seas.

Complete Dialogue: Yup yup, big fish are best for our super supper.

Reward: 16,000 XP and 30 Bars

Hunt Wildlife (1)

Accept Dialogue: We need some turf for our surf ‘n turf!

Guide: This most common wildlife you will find are frogs, which can be found near rivers, but there are also raptors, chickens, boars, wolves and crows that you can casually kill.

Complete Dialogue: The menu’s set! Appreciate the help.

Reward: 18,000 XP and 40 Bars

Consume A Fish And A Meat In A Single Match (2)

Accept Dialogue: Let’s eat! A good day’s catch is its own reward.

Guide: Most eliminated wildlife drop meat, and fish can be easily obtained via freezers or churning fishing spots.

Complete Dialogue: Delicious! Catch ya next time.

Reward: 20,000 XP and 70 Bars

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