Fortnite: Battle Royale – 4th Birthday Punchcard Guide

Fortnite: Battle Royale is turning 4 years old soon, and like all the previous birthday celebrations, we have some challenges/quests to complete in order to get free rewards.

The Quests

Dance In Front Of Cakes (4)

Accept Dialogue: Is it even a party if you’re not dancing?

Guide: Massive birthday cakes can be found in pretty much every POI and are pretty easy to spot. Credit to Eurogamer for the map.


Complete Dialogue: Get loose! Get limber! Get low!

Reward: 80 Bars

Consume Birthday Cakes In Different Matches (4)

Accept Dialogue: This ia a big birthday. We gotta celebrate for a few rounds!

Guide: Small birthday cake consumables can be found by the big cake statues, but for this quest, you just need to eat 1 every match.

Complete Dialogue: Four cakes are always better than one.

Reward: 80 Bars

Throw Birthday Presents (4)

Accept Dialogue: Give these presents a shake! I wanna guess what’s inside!

Guide: Birthday Presents are back in the game, and all you need to do for this quest is to throw 4 of them!

Complete Dialogue: Unknown

Reward: 80 Bars

Punchcard Rewards

Complete Birthday Quests (1)

Reward: Hooplah Hammer

Complete Birthday Quests (2)

Reward: 4 Me???

Complete Birthday Quests (1)

Reward: 4? Score!

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