Fortnite: Battle Royale – Wolf Activity Questline Guide

Chapter 2, Season 8 of Fortnite introduced questlines into Battle Royale, a feature that was in Save The World ever since its release. One of the questlines, Wolf Activity, is all about interacting with and hunting wolves, presented to us by none other than Grim Fable, one of the characters from Chapter 1, Season 6.

Cheat Sheet

The Quests

Hide In A Haystack At Corny Crops (5)

Accept Dialogue: There’s rumblings of wolf activity in the area. Check it out.

Guide: Since Corny Crops is a farm, haystacks are pretty much everywhere.

Complete Dialogue: Ahh! They’re headed towards the houses!

Reward: 12,000 XP and 20 Bars

Destroy Beds In Holly Hedges Or Pleasant Park (3)

Accept Dialogue: The wolves must be going for the granny-in-bed ploy!

Guide: Holly and Pleasant are both residential areas, so beds can be found in practically every house.

Complete Dialogue: Thanks for that! Now the wolves can’t pull that one again.

Reward: 14,000 XP and 25 Bars

Collect A Harpoon Gun (2)

Accept Dialogue: A silver-tipped harpoon could work as a wolf deterrent!

Guide: This can easily be done in Craggy Cliffs due to the high quantity of fishing barrels there.

Complete Dialogue: Right, I think we’re ready to strike back.

Reward: 16,000 XP and 30 Bars

Hunt A Wolf (4)

Accept Dialogue: Strike down that scoundrel of a wolf!

Guide: Wolves are commonly found in grasslands and the jungle in Stealthy Stronghold, alongside Lake Canoe.

Complete Dialogue: That was a thing of beauty!

Reward: 18,000 XP and 40 Bars

Emote Within 10m Of Wildlife (1)

Accept Dialogue: Celebrate with the local wildlife! It helps if you tame them first.

Guide: Wildlife can be easily found in Stealthy Stronghold, where there are frogs and boars casually roaming around, and sometimes raptors too.

Complete Dialogue: I’m sure deep down the wildlife understood our joy.

Reward: 20,000 XP and 70 Bars

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