Fortnite: Battle Royale – Fortnitemares Punchcard Guide

The Fortnitemares 2021 celebration began in Fortnite today, and with it comes a new punchcard and series of quests coming from Hollowhead.

The Quests

Land While Riding A Witch’s Broomstick (5)

Accept Dialogue: See how this thing handles.

Guide: Broomsticks serve as floor loot and are commonly found in the Covergence (The new center location) and in the Sideways.

Complete Dialogue: Now that’s a great way to clean up and get around.

Reward: 2,800 XP

Collect Candy (15)

Accept Dialogue: Can’t trick without the treat.

Guide: Candy is returning from Fortnitemares 2020, and is commonly found in Pleasant Park, where Halloween decor is set up.

Complete Dialogue: You got some of my favorites!

Reward: 2,800 XP

Eliminate An Opponent With A Rocket Launcher (1)

Accept Dialogue: Get ahead of the competition.

Guide: Pumpkin Launchers are back in the game, and can be found as floor loot!

Complete Dialogue: Unknown

Reward: 2,800 XP

Punchcard Rewards

Complete A Fortnitemares Quest (1)

Reward: Raven’s Curse spray

Complete Two Fortnitemares Quests (2)

Reward: Moonlit Duel loading screen

Complete Three Fortnitemares Quests (3)

Reward: Wrathful Breakout contrail

Complete Dark Jonesy’s The Oracle Speaks Punchcard (1)

Reward: Cube Cruiser glider

Complete Ariana Grande’s Monster Hunter Punchcard (1)

Reward: All-Weather Extractor harvesting tool

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