Fortnite: Battle Royale – Ghostbusters Afterlife Questline Guide

Chapter 2, Season 8 of Fortnite introduced questlines into Battle Royale, a feature that was in Save The World ever since its release. One of the questlines, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, is themed around the Ghostbusters and the upcoming film Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and requires us to complete some ghost-themed quests. These quests can also help you unlock the “No Ghost” back bling.

Cheat Sheet


The Quests

Deploy Seismographs In Misty Meadows Or Catty Corner (3)

Accept Dialogue: We’re detecting tremors where everything should be stable.

Guide: Misty Meadows seismographs can be found by the massive fountain, under the clock tower and by the Bounty Board near the lake. Catty Corner seismographs can be found by the junkyard bounty board, near the gas station and behind the garage.

Complete Dialogue: It’s not a class V split, but it’s definitively something.

Reward: 12,000 XP and 20 Bars

Exterminate Mini-Puffs With A Pickaxe In Sludgy Swamp, Lazy Lake Or Retail Row (3)

Accept Dialogue: Don’t be fooled by their cuddly appearance. Those Pufts are destructive.

Guide: There are 3 in each POI.

Complete Dialogue: Who wants toasted evil marshmallows?

Reward: 14,000 XP and 25 Bars

Retrieve Mechanical Parts By Destroying Cars (5)

Accept Dialogue: A silver-tipped harpoon could work as a wolf deterrent!

Guide: After destroying a car, truck or bus, massive mechanical pieces will be left over which you can pick up.

Complete Dialogue: This may seem reckless, but hey, science is reckless!

Reward: 16,000 XP and 30 Bars

Place Ghostbusters Signs In Holly Hedges, Dirty Docks Or Pleasant Park (3)

Accept Dialogue: The Ghostbusters will be back! Maybe these signs will scare off the ghosts.

Guide: Though the quest doesn’t mention it, you can place these in Craggy Cliffs.

Complete Dialogue: A wise man once said, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”.

Reward: 18,000 XP and 40 Bars

Deploy A Ghost Trap (1)

Accept Dialogue: Finally, the ghost traps are ready. It’s time to put them to good use.

Guide: Ghost traps can be deployed in every POI except for Coral Castle, Sludgy Swamp and Steamy Stacks.

Complete Dialogue: Now you’re a ghostbuster!

Reward: 20,000 XP and 70 Bars

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