Fortnite: Battle Royale – Monster Hunter Questline Guide

Chapter 2, Season 8 of Fortnite introduced questlines into Battle Royale, a feature that was in Save The World ever since its release. One of the questlines, Monster Hunter, has Ariana Grande talk about and study the Sideways monsters. Why Ariana Grande is a space marine we will never know, but nonetheless, here are all the Monster Hunter quests!

Cheat Sheet


The Quests

Collect A Record And Place In A Turntable (1)

Accept Dialogue: Wanna hunt some nasty monsters? Let’s set the tone!

Guide: Records can be placed in the Believer Beach, Retail Row or Apres Ski turntables.

Complete Dialogue: Nice distraction tactic. I love this song.

Reward: 12,000 XP and 20 Bars

Study The Caretaker’s Footprints (2)

Accept Dialogue: Track the big guy’s positions with his footprints. I want a closer look.

Guide: Caretaker footprints are large, purple and glowing, and can be found in every POI except for Coral Castle, Weeping Woods, Sludgy Swamp and Steamy Stacks.

Complete Dialogue: It looks like he’s just wandering and waiting. But for what?

Reward: 14,000 XP and 25 Bars

Collect Symbols From Eliminated Cube Monsters (5)

Accept Dialogue: A dead end. Take some monsters off the table and see what we can find.

Guide: The symbols are rather large and take a few seconds to collect. Cube monsters are most commonly found inside Sideways anomalies.

Complete Dialogue: The Cube Queen’s using a hidden command symbol. We have to unlock it.

Reward: 16,000 XP and 30 Bars

Reveal The Command Signal (3)

Accept Dialogue: Perform actions to reveal the symbol. We’ve gotta uncover the Cube Queen’s motive.

Guide: The Cube Queen’s command signals can be found at Believer Beach, Weeping Woods, Corny Crops, Retail Row and Misty Meadows.

Complete Dialogue: According to this, once the Cube Queen gives the command, things will get bad.

Reward: 18,000 XP and 40 Bars

Launch Signal Flares (3)

Accept Dialogue: I’ve got a good POV on these monsters. Signal more hunters here!

Guide: 4 signal flares can be found around the map: One by the alien crash site near Holly Hedges, one on the mountain north of Misty Meadows (Where Rick Sanchez was last season), one by Craggy Cliffs and one by the alien crash site near Dirty Docks.

Complete Dialogue: Find someone with knowledge of the Cube Queen. There must be a way to stop her!

Reward: 20,000 XP and 70 Bars

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