Apex Legends – Emergence Details, Leaks And Teasers

Apex Legends is going to be having it’s tenth season very soon, and we have brand new leaks, teasers and rumors! Some are official teasers but others are leaks and rumors that are unconfirmed but not to be ignored either. So, in this guide, we go over everything you should know.

Release Date And Theme

Apex Legends Season 10 (Officially titled Emergence) is going to release on August 3, 2021! It will most likely end around the late-October/early-November, (Just like Season 6) where we should be seeing a tropical-themed map.

The actual theme is currently unknown, but hopefully will be revealed when the launch trailer premieres at EA Play Live this week.

The Legend And Weapon

Our new legend is Seer, a Recon legend who can hear and visualize the heartbeats with the Heart Seeker passive, deploy microdrones that delay and reveal the location of enemies with the Focus Of Attention tactical and create a zone where moving enemies are tracked with the Exhibit ultimate.

Our new weapon is the Rampage LMG, which will use light rounds.

Teasers And Leaks

The Harvester (Which was introduced in the Season 4: Assimilation update) seems to be charging in violent fashion, which means that it could explode in the cinematic premiering this Thursday.

Trailers And Videos


Other Details

  • Arenas will getting a Ranked mode, which was noticeably absent from Season 9: Legacy, which was the season Arenas was introduced in. Read more about Arenas here.
  • World’s Edge will be the map to host the new map changes, just like how King’s Canyon was heavily used in Season 8 and Olympus during the Legacy season.

Apex Playlists Are Being Hacked In Support Of Titanfall

Recently, Apex Legends suffered a hack from an unknown person, who is changing some messages up, telling people to “save Titanfall”. Titanfall is a shooter duology that takes place in the Apex universe, but has gained little support from Respawn, with Titanfall (2013) being riddled with hackers and Titanfall 2‘s most recent update being in August 2017. The series is beloved by many shooter fans alike, and a hacker took over Apex playlists to spread the word about the forgotten series. The playlist titles are replaced with the hacker’s website link to save Titanfall and players can get a message after a match, telling them to visit the website. Players reportedly cannot queue into another game if they get this message.

How Do You Use The Ping Marker In Apex Legends?

The ping feature in Apex Legends allows for players to mark, ping and communicate all without a microphone – and it’s a really innovative addition, which is especially helpful given Apex’s team-based nature. And since Apex requires you to be a good sport with your fellow legends, it’s important to learn how the ping system works in-game so you can easily work together to achieve victory.

What Can You Ping?

There are 5 things you can ping in Apex Legeneds:

  • Locations (Where you want to drop, go, etc.)
  • Weapons And Ammo (Announcing what items are available, what you call dibs on, etc.)
  • Favors (You can ask for medkits, shield batteries, etc.)
  • Enemies (Enemy locations, etc.)
  • Intel (Extra information that can be tactically useful)

How Can You Ping?

You can ping by pressing the right button (R1) on controller or the mouse wheel if you’re playing on PC. To bring up the ping wheel, right click on PC.

Apex Legends – Every Season In The Game!

Apex Legends, like many other online games, has seasons. These seasons take place over the course of a quarter of a month and bring in new changes to the game, as well as a Battle Pass full of 100 tiers worth of cosmetics. Each season is themed, with past seasons being focused on prehistory, electricity and treasure-hunting. agencies. Every season also brings in a new legend and a remixed version of an Arena, or an entirely new Arena altogether. In this guide, we go over all 9 seasons of Apex Legends.

Season 1: Wild Frontier

Season 1 began on March 17, 2019 and was themed around prehistory. The newest legend was Octane, a high-speed adrenaline daredevil who used launch pads to traverse around the map. Kings’ Canyon was slightly changed, but overall, many people consider Season 1 the worst season because of how bland it was. The Battle Pass was not much better, either, as all 4 legend skins had the same drab color scheme, and there really was nothing to grind for. A few months after Season 1’s launch, June 2019, we got the Legendary Hunt event, which improved the cosmetic game just a little bit.

Season 2: Battle Charge

Season 2 began on July 2, 2019 and was themed around electricity. The newest legend was Wattson, an electrician themed all around power. Kings’ Canyon became devastated thanks to Crypto’s EMP that we saw in the Season 2 cinematic. This brought dragons, leviathans and other creatures onto the island, allowing for a completely new twist on the usual formula. The Battle Pass was also an improvement from Season 1’s, with new skins like the Jade Tiger Octane and the Prince Of Darkness Caustic. In August and September 2019, we got the Iron Crown collection and Voidwalker events, respectively.

Season 3: Meltdown

Season 3 began on October 1, 2019 and was themed all around the collision of fire and ice. The newest legend was Crypto, an elite hacker framed for criminal espionage. Instead of a new change to Kings’ Canyon, we got a new map entirely: World’s Edge, a wasteland of fire and ice, probably because winter was coming around that time. The Battle Pass brought over icy and molten skins to fit the theme of World’s Edge, like the Iced Out Pathfinder or From The Ashes Lifeline. We got a lot of events during this time, like the Fright or Fight 2019 collection event in October 2019, the Holo-Day Bash 2019 collection event in December 2019 and the Grand Soiree arcade event in January 2020.

Season 4: Assimilation

Season 4 began on February 3, 2020, right around Apex’s 1st anniversary. The season was themed all around simulacrums and evil technology, which made sense with the newest legend, Revenant, a robot assassin. World’s Edge became ravaged, as the ice started melting away thanks to the new Planet Harvester location. The Battle Pass was also very unique and spooky, as we got skins like the Cyberpunked Wattson. We had two events during this time, the System Override collection event in March 2020 and the Old Ways event in April 2020.

Season 5: Fortune’s Favor

Season 5 began on May 12, 2020, themed all around treasure and adventure. The latest legend was Loba, a high-society thief who was orphaned thanks to Revenant’s murders. We returned to an unearthed King’s Canyon, which had many locations destroyed, like the beloved Skull Town. The Battle Pass was also very unique, with all the skins themed around desert survival. The only event the season gave us was the Lost Treasures collection event, which gave some justice to legends without a skin themed with this season. This season was also the first to introduce quests, which keep players updated on the season’s narrative every week, much like in Fortnite.

Season 6: Boosted

Season 6 began on August 18, 2020, themed all around engineering and modifications. The latest legend was Rampart, an engineer who could set up ramparts and turrets in-game. World’s Edge became fortified, with new locations like the Launch Site being added. The Battle Pass had an urban/neo-city vibe to it, which is especially apparent with all the black, white and neon yellow going around. The season also changed the quest system, having readable comics instead of text interactions as the main form of storytelling. The only events we had this season was the Aftermarket collection event and the Fright or Fight 2020 themed event, which heavily changed the formula of the old Fright or Fight 2019 event.

Season 7: Ascension

Season 7 began on November 4, 2020, themed all around astrophysics and the study of physics. The latest legend was the time-travelling Horizon, who could manipulate gravity and summon black holes. This season, we got another new map: Olympus, a floating, futuristic utopia. The buildings were rich and refined, much like the Battle Pass skins that were available. The only two events we had in Season 7 were the Holo-Day Bash 2020 themed event and the Fight Night collection event. Another addition was the Trident, Apex’s first in-game vehicle that could carry an entire squad!

Season 8: Mayhem

Season 8 began on February 2, 2021, themed all around explosives and anything that goes boom. The latest legend was Fuse, a hardened explosives expert equipped with bombs and other weapons. Kings’ Canyon became obliterated, as the entire map was heavily shaken up. The only event Season 8 boasted so far was the Apex Anniversary 2021 event, which celebrated 2 years of the Battle Royale.

Season 9: Legacy

Season 9, otherwise known as Legacy, began on May 4, 2021, themed all around flight and Titanfall. The latest legend was Valkyrie, daughter of Viper, an enemy from Titanfall 2. This season also introduced Arenas, a 3v3 mode hosted by Ash, another Titanfall character. Olympus was heavily changed, which allowed infectious roots to grow all over the place. The Battle Pass focused on Japanese aesthetics and culture.

Apex Legends – Everything You Need To Know About Arenas

The ninth season of Apex Legends is upon us, (Ditching the numeral tradition and simply going by “Legacy”) and it’s been a bit of time since we got some major content updates, so a big change is without a doubt overdue. Thankfully, Legacy will not only bring us a new, aerial, Japanese-inspired legend, but also a new 3v3 gamemode: Arenas! Arenas is a gamemode that will take the intensity and fast-paced chaos of regular Apex into a focused 3v3 setting, where you won’t have to worry about getting third-partied by enemy squads, a huge problem the game’s community has been facing for months. In this guide, we go over the Arenas gamemode and how it plays out. Credit to the official Apex Legends website for the screenshots.

How Arenas Works

Before each round, you’ll spend materials earned from the previous round to purchase and upgrade weapons and healing supplies. The system is very similar to that of Call Of Duty, where you can create and customize loadouts.

When you’re eliminated, you cannot be respawned, but can fight again in the next round. Do not worry if you’ve been shot, however – knocked teammates can be revived. Rounds end if all of one team are killed, and the cycle continues until a match winner is decided. There’s also a Ring which will close throughout the match, and a care package that will bring in new upgraded weapons for your team.

Another thing to note is that you can level up in Arenas too, and most challenges will be divided between Arena and Battle Royale.

How To Win An Arenas Match

Match winners are decided if the highest team has 3 rounds won and is at least 2 points ahead of the enemy team.

The easiest way is to win three rounds without dropping more than one round to your opponent. In other words, go 3-0 or 3-1 and the match is over. 

The easiest way is to win three rounds without dropping more than one round to your opponent. In other words, go 3-0 or 3-1 and the match is over.

However, if your opponent is able to win at least two rounds, things get interesting. You’ll have to pull ahead by two full rounds to win. Going 3-2 or 4-3 won’t cut it. Instead, you’ll have to go 4-2 or 5-3 to secure victory. Rounds will continue until one team pulls ahead by two rounds. If this continues all the way to the ninth round (by going 4-4) the game kicks into sudden death mode. Whoever wins round nine takes home all the glory.

Respawn Entertainment

The video down below showcases how score is kept. The scoreboard will turn blue when your team is close to winning, red when the enemies are, and yellow if a tiebreaker has been counted. 3 tiebreakers mean instant death.

Arsenal And Abilities

After every round, your inventory is reset and you must choose your weapons once again – which you can buy with materials! Materials are granted at the start of the match and can be earned after every round, which you can use to purchase weapons and upgrades. Purchasing a weapon gives you the base, default version which you can later upgrade with preferred hop-ups.

As for legend abilities, unlike in the regular modes, these abilities to not recharge overtime and can only be used a couple times each round. You can purchase perks to charge your abilities in the store section with materials, and, fortunately, unused ability chargers carry on to the next round.


Arenas offers a variety of different maps instead of the same 3 maps we’re used to – some of which will be on rotation.

Party Crasher

The Party Crasher map is based off Olympus and is rather vivid. It’s neon lights and bright colors allow for an interesting setting, to say the least, and is pretty varied and unique. It’s a bit cramped, so some short-range combat will probably happen here.

Phase Runner

The Phase Runner map is based off World’s Edge and takes inspiration from Olympus’ Phase Runner location, and yes, just like Olympus, the Phase Runner does actually work and can allow you to teleport. The area surrounded by the phase runner is pretty open, so some interesting strategies can come out of this map.

Rotating Maps

Arenas will also allow for maps on bi-weekly rotation based off Artillery from King’s Canyon, Thermal Station from World’s Edge and Golden Gardens from Olympus, giving legends a total of 5 maps to play in.

Apex Legends, Fortnite, Rocket League, Roblox And Warframe No Longer Require Xbox Live Gold To Play!

A while back, Microsoft announced some rather important changes coming to the Xbox Live Gold system which would allow free-to-play online games to no longer require this subscription to play. Well, this change finally went underway today, and 5 Xbox games (Apex Legends, Warframe, Fortnite, Rocket League and Roblox) now no longer require Xbox Live Gold to play!

This change will heavily benefit those who had difficulty maintaining their subscription, and those who were interested in one of the 5 games listed but didn’t consider purchasing the subscription. Xbox Live Gold is still available, and it includes a ton of perks for subscribers, including 2 free games per month and discounts on select games in the Microsoft Store.

Testing For Apex Legends Mobile Begins Soon!

A mobile port for Apex Legends has been in development for a bit of time now, but we finally got new info on it! Starting in April 2021, Apex Legends Mobile, a new game (Which will be separate to the console and PC Apex, kind of like Call Of Duty Mobile) developed by Respawn will begin having regional testing phases. This began in India and in the Philippines.

Apex Legends Mobile shares gameplay to the regular Apex Legends, except for being optimized both graphics-wise and gameplay-wise for mobile devices.


Caustic, Bloodhound and Bangalore in World’s Edge.


The following is pulled directly from the press release.

When will Apex Legends Mobile become available in my region? 

We’ll be steadily rolling out Apex Legends Mobile around the world in a series of tests. To start with, we’ll do a series of smaller closed beta tests in India and the Philippines. 

The first of these begins Spring 2021, and will only be available on Android devices. As we continue with testing, we’ll expand the size of these tests, add new regions, and implement iOS support. When we’re ready to go broader, we’ll launch a page that allows you to pre-register for the game and sign up for news about the betas.

For now, stay tuned to updates here and by following @playapex on Twitter.

Will Apex Legends Mobile feature cross-play with other versions of the game? 

Because Apex Legends Mobile is being built specially for mobile, it won’t feature cross-play with the console or PC versions of Apex Legends. 

Will Apex Legends Mobile be free-to-play?

Yep, like PC and console, Apex Legends Mobile is free-to-play* and never includes paid items that grant a gameplay advantage. Apex Legends Mobile will feature its own Battle Passes, collectible cosmetics, and unlockables unique from those found in the PC and console versions of Apex Legends.

Is the regular Apex Legends team also working on Apex Legends Mobile?

Yes! We’ve built a dedicated team here at Respawn filled with experts in mobile game development to lead the creation of Apex Legends Mobile, but it’s a collaborative effort with our established Apex Legends team and other partners.

Titanfall – The Entire Storyline Explained

Titanfall’s storyline is very interesting and connects through the Titanfall installments and arcs, and the various seasons of Apex Legends. The storyline is told via campaigns and quests, all of which are piecing together the various wars and history in the Outlands. Now that Titanfall’s story seems to have wrapped up and Apex Legends is helping to expand it’s world, we decided to go over the entire Titanfall storyline.


An unknown alien species arrives in the Frontier and develops creations like the weapon of mass-destruction known as the Fold Weapon and Phase Shifting. Many civilizations have risen and fallen, leaving behind shells of their former glory.

The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation

Over on Earth, space travel was very, very limited to nearby planets and solar systems. A company known as Hammond Engineering, founded by Dr. Hammond, began growing rapidly. Scientific materials and Titan designs were shared with humanity, and with the invention of the Jump Drive, more and more people were able to push the boundaries of space exploration. Habitable worlds were grouped as the “Core Systems”, which came few and far between. Hammond Engineering themselves were becoming more and more powerful, rebranding themselves as the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, otherwise known as the IMC. The IMC, being the ones to help with the creation of Spectres and other devices, ruled the Core Systems and helped lead it to success. But so much power led to a bad thing, as more people discovered planets like the Frontier, a whole system of new worlds to explore and survive in against the IMC’s terms. The IMC began to transform into a dictatorship, which led to some conflicts.

The Titan And Frontier Wars

Thanks to the rising of a new organization called the Frontier Militia, a war broke out between them and the IMC. The IMC presumably won, mostly due to their power stance and how the Frontier Militia didn’t have access to firepower like Titans during the first few years of the conflict. This war is dubbed “The Titan Wars”, which took place 15 years before the events of the 2014 Titanfall game. A little while after that, the Frontier Wars began and the IMC began to interact with the Apex Predators led by Kuben Blisk. The Militia then tried to fight the IMC once again, and began construction on their own Titans and military gear. During the Battle of Typhon, a Pilot known as Jack Cooper actually helped to thwart the IMC’s plans to use the Fold Weapon to devastate the Militia, bringing an end to the Frontier Wars, and liberating the Outlands from the IMC.

The Apex Games

Over a decade after the events of Titanfall 2 and the Battle of Typhon, the Outlands ended up completely ravaged. During this time, Kuben Blisk founded the Apex Games, a revival of an old bloodsport starring legends from across the Frontier competing for fame, glory and money. These games were hosted on Kings’ Canyon, an island on the planet Solace. After a few seasons of the Apex Games, a mysterious hacker named Crypto, who had been framed for corporate espionage, devastated the Apex Games in search for answers, who eventually joined the Apex Games after the Games were forced to move to World’s Edge, an island on Talos. The new legends that joined, the thief Loba and simulacrum hitman Revenant, who had some bad blood with each other because of the murder of Loba’s parents to the hands of Revenant 25 years before. They were competing to find the remains of Ash, a simulacrum that had assisted Kuben Blisk during the events of Titanfall 2, which ended with the introduction of modder Rampart in the games and the crew moving to Apex Games moving to Olympus, a floating city on Psamathe just in time for astrophysicist Horizon to join the Games, and later, explosives expert Fuse.

Apex Legends – Where To Find All 4 Horizon Logs

Horizon is the newest Apex Legend, and her story revolves around her being an astrophysicist trying to solve a massive cataclysm. She moved her family to the floating city of Olympus and partnered up with a scientist named Dr. Reid to solve the cataclysm with a promise to return to her son Newton. But Reid betrayed her, and thus, she was sent into the orbit of a black hole. She eventually returned to Olympus, but she was 84 years too late. Now, she’s been experimenting with time travel in order to get back to her son. In this guide, we go over all 4 Horizon logs you can find around Olympus.

Horizon Log #1

Her first log can be activated in the house in Wildfire Meadow, near the Estates.

Horizon Log #2

Her second log can be activated in the house near the Oasis.

Horizon Log #3

Her third log can be activated in the cockpit of the Arcadia Supercarrier.

Horizon Log #4

Her fourth and final log can be activated by going through the active Phase Runner seen below and listening to the message heard after entering a strange living room.

If you’re having trouble tracking down the specific locations, Twitter user Shrugtal has you covered.

You’ll get the Future Family Photo gun charm and the A Matter Of Time Loading Screen, both pictured below.

Apex Legends – Heirloom List And Prices

Apex Legends has a special type of cosmetic called Heirlooms, which are little melee weapons based off legends. While they may not seem like much, they’re pretty cool to have equipped, and if you see an enemy running around with a heirloom, you shouldn’t consider picking a fight with them. Why? Because they’re very rare. In this guide, we explain what heirlooms are and how to get them.

How To Unlock Heirlooms

Heirlooms are ultra rare, but there’s a few ways you can get them. First thing you can do is open Apex Packs. Apex Packs give a 1/500 chance of dropping 150 Heirloom Shards. Heirloom Shards are special currencies that can be used to purchase heirlooms from the Heirloom Store. A heirloom can also be dropped during a collection event, where you can unlock the heirloom set by unlocking every item in the event’s collection before it ends.


Here’s a look at what happens when an Apex Pack drops Heirloom Shards.

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Bloodhound’s Set

Bloodhound’s set was released during the Iron Crown event and is based off the Bloodhound legend. It comes with the Glory Hound banner pose, an intro quip and the Raven’s Bite heirloom, which is a large axe with raven detailing and red edges.

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Caustic’s Set

Caustic’s set was released during the Aftermarket event and is based off the Caustic legend. It comes with the Hammer Time banner pose, an intro quip, and the Death Hammer heirloom, which is a massive yellow mallet with a deadly skull on it.

Gibraltar’s Set

Gibraltar’s set was released during the Fight Night event and is based off the Gibraltar legend. It comes with the Like A Rock banner pose, an intro quip, and the War Club heirloom, which is clearly inspired by Maui and Hawaiian mythology.

Apex Legends Heirloom Guide – How to Get Gibraltar's Heirloom
Lifeline’s Set

Lifeline’s set was released during the Fight or Fright event and is based off the Lifeline legend. It comes with the Shock Sticks banner pose, an intro quip and the Shock Sticks heirloom, which are a pair of defibrilator drumsticks with Lifeline deco plastered all over it.

Reina on Twitter: "Honestly the heirloom for lifeline is awesome! I'm  annoyed there's no animation for it when you inspect tho....… "
Mirage’s Set

Mirage’s set was released during the Lost Treasures event and is based off the Mirage legend. It comes with the You Really Love Me banner pose, an intro quip and the Too Much Witt heirloom, which is a golden trophy of Mirage.

How to get Mirage's Heirloom Item in Apex Legends | Gamepur
Octane’s Set

Octane’s set was released during the System Override event and is based off the Octane legend. It comes with the Spin and Flick banner pose, an intro quip and the Butterfly Knife heirloom, which is a butterfly knife filled with Octane stims and other decoration.

Apex Legends Heirloom: How to Unlock Game Items?
Pathfinder’s Set

Pathfinder’s set was released during the Holo-Day Bash event and is based off the Pathfinder legend. It comes with the Lights Out banner pose, an intro quip and the Boxing Gloves heirloom, which are a pair of Pathfinder-themed boxing gloves, which Respawn would make a killing if they made those gloves official merchandise.

Pathfinder finally receives an Heirloom pack, but it doesn't come cheap
Wraith’s Set

Wraith’s set was released during launch and is based off the Wraith legend. It comes with the Fearless banner pose, an intro quip and the Kunai heirloom, which is a small, black dagger with a purple edge.

Apex Legends: Heirloom guide - How to get Wraith Knife - Metabomb