FIFA 16 – Essential Guide

FIFA 16 is one of the many EA Sports games, and was released in 2015. While the game isn’t as popular anymore, it serves as a faithful football adaptation and an overall fun game in general. But, despite EA’s past games, has a ton of content, including player management, practice modes and even a career/story mode! So in this guide, we go over FIFA 16.


The gameplay is very similar of that to real football. Obviously, EA didn’t want FIFA 16 to be “too real”, but the gameplay accurately depicts basic football actions, like tackling and kicking. FIFA 16 also improved day cycles and weather, making the game act much more realistic. If you want to perfect your gameplay, you can consider screwing around in the practice sessions. Certain players have certain perks, and these perks can be customized by customizing your character.

Game Modes

The game modes in FIFA 16 are all pretty standard. They all are different ways to play football, and some are entirely different from one another, like career mode and the women’s international cup. I will make a post soon enough about all the gamemodes, so stay tuned for that.

Players And Teams

The players in FIFA 16 are all based off real people, and are all updated to 2015. Since football changes a lot, they have to release a new game every year to keep up-to-date and to add innovational features. There are way too many teams in FIFA 16, and they all have ratings to visually present which ones you should choose. After choosing a team, you can change their positions. If you have a weak defense, you can switch players out. Where people are positioned can greatly help the team, as they can work together to stop the enemy from reaching goals.You can also customize your own player in the more casual modes, and you can select which team you want them to be on. 

Some Extra Things

FIFA 16 is known for it’s music and announcers. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are the English commentators, and their narration feels like you’re watching a real game of football on your TV.