Cluck Outfit

Cluck is an Epic outfit from the Eggsplosives Expert set that released in Chapter 2, Season 6 as part of that season’s Battle Pass at Level 61. Cluck is Season 6’s silly outfit, but instead of being a beefed-up cat or a pancake cowboy, Cluck is a massive chick, evidently made for the Easter holiday. He also has edit styles that swap out his yellow color scheme for that of black and blue. He was also Character 23 in Chapter 2, Season 6, located in Primal Pond.

Cosmetic Information

Availability | Battle Pass (Chapter 2, Season 6)

Cosmetic Type | Outfit

Item ID | Unknown

Introduction | Chapter 2, Season 6

Official Description | Cheep cheep cheep, cheep cheep b’kaw.

Rarity | Epic

Collection Book

This 25-year old hatchling is searching for the Yolk of Destiny. He’s determined to use his mastery of eggsplosives to show the galaxy that he’s no chicken.

Character Information

First EncounterCheep cheep cheep!
Regular EncounterCluck-cluck b’kaw?
Fly 10 Meters With A ChickenB’kaw80 Bars
Destroy Structures At Steel FarmLet’s show ’em what Free Range really means.120 Bars
HireB’kaw b’kaw!95 Bars
Reveal Nearby WildlifeI guess if that’s what you’re into…435 Bars
The SpireOn my beak, you won’t catch me near the Spire. Dark magic brings dark days. B’kaw!