Raz Outfit

Raz is a Legendary outfit from the Spire’s Call set that released in Chapter 2, Season 6 as part of that season’s Battle Pass at Level 50. He takes the role of some sort of mystic monk, with weird markings on his chest, possibly as a reference to dark matter. He was also Character 26 in Chapter 2, Season 6, located in Colossal Crops. In Update 16.30, Raz’s Mystic form became a boss at the Spire, even though his old NPC self was still in the game.

Cosmetic Information

Availability | Battle Pass (Chapter 2, Season 6)

Cosmetic Type | Outfit

Item ID | Unknown

Introduction | Chapter 2, Season 6

Official Description | On a mission to uncover the Spire’s secrets.

Rarity | Legendary

Collection Book

Ever since he was a boy, the Tower has called to Raz in his dreams. Now, after a lifetime of training, he is finally ready to tackle its darkest mysteries.

Character Information

First EncounterLooks like the Spire has pulled someone new into its orbit…
Regular EncounterYou been keeping an eye on the Spire lately?
Search ChestsDo it stealthily. We don’t want to be seen yet.120 Bars
Shakedown An OpponentYou can find anything if you know where to look.120 Bars
Activate RiftJust one of the Spire’s many secrets.245 Bars
Activate Prop DisguiseOnly way to get around.75 Bars
The Spire (1)Thief? Occasionally. But this time I had something else in mind. That device of yours is waiting for you nearby. It’s very interesting… once you understand it.
The Spire (2)Interesting message, no? If you’d like I could decode this little message of yours. It will take some time. And I will require a few favors in return.
The Spire (3)This message of yours is directing you to The Spire. Coincidentally, this is a place of great interest to me. I have been working on a way to disguise myself to finally enter the Spire’s inner sanctum. I can make a disguise for you as well… if you bring me what I require. Bring me an artifact stolen from the Spire. Mind you, it must be stolen. A talisman looted from a Spire Guardian’s body… And a sacrifice from the wilds in the form of a Wolf Fang, a Boar Tusk, and three Chicken Feathers. Bring me this and the Old Guardians may just bless our endeavors. Do not rush the Old Guardians. They will work their magic when they see fit.
The Spire (4)Your disguise is waiting for you near the Spire. Among your things you will find a Crystal Focus pickaxe. Sample the Crystal Shards and return the device to me. There is old magic in the Spire. Be cautious in your explorations.
The Spire (5)Something’s wrong… isn’t it? Did… I go to The Spire? I think I’ve made a huge mistake. But… I found the Artifact!
I shouldn’t be here…