Tarana Outfit

Tarana is an Epic outfit from the Bone Punk set that released in Chapter 2, Season 6 as part of that season’s Battle Pass at Level 29. She combines modern day fashion and stone age aesthetics, which makes for a certainly interesting end result, and she fits the theme of primal hunting and cavepeople quite well. She was also Character 25 in Chapter 2, Season 6, located in Boney Burbs.

Cosmetic Information

Availability | Battle Pass (Chapter 2, Season 6)

Cosmetic Type | Outfit

Item ID | Unknown

Introduction | Chapter 2, Season 6

Official Description | She sees visions of a long-gone world.

Rarity | Epic

Collection Book

Tarana was born with the rare ability to see visions of the island’s past using its many strange artifacts. Her village can’t decide wheter this knowledge is a blessing… or a curse.

Character Information

First EncounterLook what the Spire dragged in this time.
Regular EncounterRespect the island and we shouldn’t have any problem with each other.
Collect Animal BonesYou got the gear. let’s see if you got the skills.80 Bars
Craft An Item Out Of Animal BonesNature’s body armor.120 Bars
Elimination With A Primal WeaponWeapons hewn from bone can be deadly in the right hands.200 Bars
Animal BonesNo refunds.25 Bars
Wearing RazI’ve got my eye on you.
The Spire (1)I found something for you. A strange device with some sort of message… I think. Collect some artifacts for me and it’s yours. Stay close, there are plenty of good artifacts nearby.
The Spire (2)I cannot keep my promise. Your device was stolen by that thief, Raz. You’ll likely find him in Colossal Crops hawking the treasure’s he’s “found.”
The Spire (3)Well, I’ve always known Raz was an idiot, but it turns out he’s also a fool. Nothing good comes from The Spire.
Stay away.