Apex Legends – Emergence Details, Leaks And Teasers

Apex Legends is going to be having it’s tenth season very soon, and we have brand new leaks, teasers and rumors! Some are official teasers but others are leaks and rumors that are unconfirmed but not to be ignored either. So, in this guide, we go over everything you should know.

Release Date And Theme

Apex Legends Season 10 (Officially titled Emergence) is going to release on August 3, 2021! It will most likely end around the late-October/early-November, (Just like Season 6) where we should be seeing a tropical-themed map.

The actual theme is currently unknown, but hopefully will be revealed when the launch trailer premieres at EA Play Live this week.

The Legend And Weapon

Our new legend is Seer, a Recon legend who can hear and visualize the heartbeats with the Heart Seeker passive, deploy microdrones that delay and reveal the location of enemies with the Focus Of Attention tactical and create a zone where moving enemies are tracked with the Exhibit ultimate.

Our new weapon is the Rampage LMG, which will use light rounds.

Teasers And Leaks

The Harvester (Which was introduced in the Season 4: Assimilation update) seems to be charging in violent fashion, which means that it could explode in the cinematic premiering this Thursday.

Trailers And Videos


Other Details

  • Arenas will getting a Ranked mode, which was noticeably absent from Season 9: Legacy, which was the season Arenas was introduced in. Read more about Arenas here.
  • World’s Edge will be the map to host the new map changes, just like how King’s Canyon was heavily used in Season 8 and Olympus during the Legacy season.

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